Annual Meeting May 19 & April 23 Minutes

The date for the Alaskan Alpine Club General Membership Meeting has been set for May 19 at 5 pm at the Club House.

At the April 23 meeting, 23 people were present. The meeting started at 7:20 pm, and the March 26 meeting minutes were approved.

Here ar the minutes from the meeting:

  1. Voted to set the date for the official membership meeting as May 19 at 5 p.m. Officers will be elected. Club House residents may attend.
  2. 479-2149 phone has been re-established.
  3. Discussed tax issues and non-profit status. We have the Tax ID #.
  4. Buchanan-Waterman Huts site has previously been selected. Discussed moving it to Jon’s shop in Fox to reassemble and finish soon. The plan is to sell the club land on Eastwood to finance moving and assembly of hut in summer or fall 2013.
  5. Revisit Mountain Rescue Fund: Discussed annual fee for membership payout. The fund is an Alaskan Alpine Club legacy to promote self responsibility.
  6. Discussed UIAA membership for club and new members.
  7. Discussed the Pierce cabin donation to the club. It is an A-Frame cabin on a tributary of the West Fork of the Little Delta.
  8. New Business:
    Waterman Auction – Lots of work. Not going to happen this year. Dick F. volunteered for 2015
    Discussion of various trusts – Possibility that new president becomes the trustee of club trusts. Issue needs to be researched and better understood. Jeff K. is current trustee.
    General discussion: Should we work with the Alaska Alpine Club in the future? Joint activities, rescue fund, slide shows, etc.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:45 pm.

Club Meeting: April 23, 2013 & March 26 Notes

The Alaskan Alpine Club will meet at the Club House on Weston at 7 p.m. on April 23.

The previous meeting, held on March 26, 2013, had 12 members present who admitted to not being in the mountains and who put their names on a piece of paper, and one illustrious member who attended through telepresence and provided spiritual advise and support from the deep south (Juneau).

In the words of the club president…

…the meeting was very productive, long past-due, and a reminder of a number of unresolved issues… and it was really great to see old friends. There will be many lively discussions in the future which will surely exercise our minds and enhance our friendships. There are some complex issues that need to be sorted through and perhaps, re-organized. The good news is that the club spirit is still very much alive, but that means that people have to actually do stuff. The emphasis going forward will be to review club by-laws, maximize clubhouse revenue, complete the mountain hut, and to re-build & re-vitalize the Mountain Rescue Expense Fund.

No major decisions were made during the March 26 meeting other than:

  • John S. will work on setting up a web page so that we can communicate with each other in a forum setting;
  • Dick F. will be interim Treasurer until a general meeting is held to elect new officers – let’s do this soon;
  • Vaughn H. will co-ordinate with Pearce N. to accept transfer of title to his hunting cabin;
  • Club will set a priority goal to complete the mountain hut, using funds from the sale of the Eastwood cabin & land;
  • and that there will be another meeting on 23 April at the clubhouse to resume discussions on these and other matters.

Meeting minutes with a summary of discussion topics were shared by e-mail. If you are a member, and didn’t get them, contact someone who received them, and ask him to forward them to you.